Every customer is unique, and their requirements and expectations are too. Calgary Dash Camera is one of Canada's original dash camera vendors, and we are all about the Customer Experience! We promote a post and pre sale customer service that extends our seasoned industry know-hows and comprehensive product knowledge to our potential and existing customers.

From in-person quality control overseas to advanced vehicle installation at home—our staff take every precautionary step to ensure the customer experience is 99%. The missing 1% keeps us on our toes and gives us the constant motivation to improve.

All For You!

Quality Dash Cam


Overseas Quality Control

Our company believes in absolute quality control. We maintain our quality products by visiting our manufactures overseas yearly to ensure quality and design. Our top-line inspections include manufacture conditions along with general product comparisons to what we receive at home.

Dash Cam Research


Ground Research

We are always on the lookout for new and cutting edge dash camera technology on the ground overseas and at home. Combined with our quality control measures, we are able to introduce the front lining innovations to our consumer and commercial customers.

Dash Cam Support


Initial & Transitional Support

With Calgary Dash Camera the Customer Experience starts with our prospective customers. We are dedicated to providing Pre-Sale support for any and all inquiries and encourage our prospective customers to get in touch!

Dash Cam Shipping


Payment & Shipping/Drop Off Services

Our online store makes payments easy! Our methods of delivery range from standard 14 business day shipping to next day delivery Canada wide!

Dash Cam Unboxing


The Unboxing

We aim for the unboxing experience of our dash cameras to be both rewarding and satisfying. From the package design right down to that ‘new dash cam scent’; we ensure our customers are unboxing a product which has been personally confirmed as a quality, functioning device. We do our job as a reputable dash camera reseller to ensure our dash cameras do theirs.

Dash Cam Support


Continuing Support

We continue to offer our customer support even after purchase. We encourage any questions, and we are more than happy to walk you through the finer points of our products’ operation. Warranty claims are handled on the spot as not to interrupt your overall experience with Calgary Dash Camera!

Free memory card with every Dash Camera

True one stop shopping - We offer a complete Dash Camera package with every order!

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Authorized Dash Cam Distributor

CDC Canada - Calgary Dash Camera is a Canada's best verifiable authorized distributor of BULLETHD DOD Tech, Lukas, & Street Guardian.


Footer Free Memory Cards (old- pre P28)

We believe in providing our customers with everything they need to get their car cam up and running at no extra cost! That means that every dash camera† comes with at least a 8GB memory card.

† Exlcuding DOD Tech cameras.