JooVuu X Overview

JooVuu X - A product of Love, Sweat & Tears by the team at JooVuu.


The team has managed to bake the functionality of a full-sized camera & the quality you would expect of a high end device into to a camera that is smaller then your credit card! The JooVuu x records a stunningly sharp 1080P at 60frames per second or 2.5k resolution (thats 2560 × 1440) video that is unparalleled to any other camera at this price and size. The JooVuu X really allows you to capture every frame in incredible quality.  With its built in WiFi & feature rich apps and programs, the JooVuu X pushes its capability and features to fantastic new levels.


JooVuoo X - Designed with British ingenuity, powered by the American Ambarella A7LA75 processor, and as seen through the 155° Degree 7G F2 lens. Results in far superior night and low light image quality, as well as being able to provide sharper and crisper images compared to other cameras. All while recording at a truly stunning 2.5k resolution or a 1080P at 60 frames per second. Put quite simply the JooVuu X’s does not compromise on quality.

Key Features

  • Powerful Ambarella A7LA75 Processor
  • Discreet Micro-size Format With All The Bells & Whistles
  • Built in WiFi & Smartphone App that is rich in features: From Live Streaming to Changing The White Balance to Changing The Resolution the app allows you to do change the camera on the go seamlessly and easily.

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Whats in the Box

  • VooJuu x Lenscloseup 2

    Attention to Detail

    Making sure everything inside the camera provides better quality and reliability. From the metal lens base that reduces image distortion, to the path the wires take, everything is aimed at giving the best possible image quality.

    VooJuu x whole-inside

    It's what is on the inside that counts.

    With some of the latest technology, and Western engineering, this camera provides stellar quality with incredible reliability.

    VooJuu x Front

    Devil in the Detail

    ‘With great clarity, comes great videos.’ The JooVuu X’s lens does not compromise on quality, striking the perfect balance between colour, contrast, sharpness, exposure, and many more settings, providing you with crystal clear video footage to allow you to easily see the details you need.

    VooJuu x White Button Side




    Designing this camera we have based our process on the motto ‘simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication’. We wanted to create a camera that is elegant, beautiful, but above all, simple. The camera has three buttons, each one having it’s own function, each one allowing you to operate the camera seamlessly.

  • Main Specifications

    • Feature rich iOS and Android App
    • 2 Modes + Photo Mode
    • Auto-record with power on
    • Clip recording (1min, 3min, 5min, 10min, continuous)
    • True seamless loop recording

    • G-Sensor (auto lock function will be enabled by default). Different sensitivities: High, medium, low, off.
    • Parking Mode
    • HDMI out
    • Date/time stamp
    • Driving stamp (MPH, KPH, car plate)
    • Photo mode (different picture qualities and sizes can be chosen)
    • Burst Photo Mode – take 5 photos per second, take 10 photos per second
    • Timelapse (1s,2,3,5,10,20,30,60s, customer specified amount of time)
    • Status LED (different coloured lights for different modes etc)
    • Webcam mode
    • Power on delay and power off delay
    • 2 User configurable modes/ presets
    • JooVuu X Hardware Specifications

    • Ambarella A7LA75
    • 7G Lens F2
    • 155 degree lens
    • OVI sensor
    • G-Sensor
    • Stereo microphone
    • Mini USB
    • .H264 codec (.MOV format)
    • Listing
    • Beeping for certain functions (can be turned off)
    • Up to 128GB MicroSD card capacity
    • Standard tripod screw mount
    • -30 to +60c working temperature
    • GPS enabled (extra)
    • Event button for quick video file locking
    • Video out- Via Micro HDMI
    • Fully CE, ROHS, & FCC certified

    • In-house Custom Firmware Specifications

    • Customizable motion detection (choose sensitivity and how long to record)
    • Normal & Booster Bitrates
    • Electronic Image Stabilization
    • Choose your FOV from 155 to 80 degrees
    • Timed Mode – allowing optimal video capture without changing settings
    • White balance & exposure settings
    • Automatic and manual formatting of the microSD card extending the camera and cards life further

    • 2 Modes + Photo Mode
    • Included in the box:

      • 1 x JooVuu X Camera
      • 1 x Car Mount (magnetic suction cup, or micro sticky back pad)
      • 1 x GPS enabled 3M Car Charger
      • 1 x USB Data Cable
      • 1 x Carry case
      • 1 x microSD OTG

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