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CDC Canada offers a wide variety of commercial & fleet management solutions to accommodate any scale enterprise. Our systems are designed to provide wide-range feedback for fleet managers alike to efficiently eliminate the 'blind spots' between the office and the road. Working together with our manufactures, CDC Canada is Canada's leading source of custom solutions for any vehicle monitoring requirement.

Scope of Benefits

  • Driver Behaviour (Vehicle Abuse & Misuse)
  • Accident Simulation
  • Protection against Fraud (Crash for Cash)
  • Institute Safety Standards
  • Parking Protection
  • Track Fuel

Set New Standards and Expectations

In order to meet the new challenges of the 21st century, companies must revisit their transportation standards and expectations of their drivers. Day-to-day vehicle abuse and misuse can be a RED FLAG for a future incident which could set your company on the wrong side of an insurance claim. Catch a potential liability before it becomes one. If you don't, it is more than likely other will. With more and more dash cameras on the road today, footage of your company vehicles' dangerous activities could be sent to you via email as a complaint, or worse; featured on YouTube.

Intelligence Reports

Traffic incidents are the greatest source of lose for many businesses. In 2013, just over 141,630 collisions were reported by the Ministry of Transportation in Alberta. An increase of 3.7% from 136,595 collisions in 2012. As the number of collisions increase, the insurance companies are trying to close the claims as quickly as possible and rely heavily on the police reports to determine fault. Without sufficient supporting evidence the fault could be placed on both drivers or entirely onto your driver. Our systems will provide your company, law enforcement, and all involved insurance companies with factual evidence to simulate the actuality of the incident. This will effectively provide all involved parties with a complete overview of the "WHO" , "WHAT" , "WHEN" , "WHERE" , "WHY" , and "HOW" :

  • Interior and/or Exterior Video Simulation
  • Audio Record
  • Impact Force
  • GPS Location and Time Record
  • Vehicle Speed History
  • Vehicle Foot Braking Data
  • Vehicle Operation Time from Start-to-Finish
  • Steering Wheel Angle Position (Left, Centre, Right)
  • Turn Signal (Left, Right)
  • Gear Positions and Steps (P, R, N, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Lane Departure/Position History

Free memory card with every Dash Camera

True one stop shopping - We offer a complete Dash Camera package with every order!

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Authorized Dash Cam Distributor

CDC Canada - Calgary Dash Camera is a Canada's best verifiable authorized distributor of BULLETHD DOD Tech, Lukas, & Street Guardian.


Footer Free Memory Cards (old- pre P28)

We believe in providing our customers with everything they need to get their car cam up and running at no extra cost! That means that every dash camera† comes with at least a 8GB memory card.

† Exlcuding DOD Tech cameras.