Footage from a Dash Cam has been used as evidence against a court appeal by a convicted drink driver in Edmonton, Alberta. The driver’s license had been suspended after impaired operation of a motor vehicle in Calgary, Alberta on August, 1st 2014; after reports of erratic lane swerving of the vehicle called in by two motorists on south bound Deer Foot Trail. Police were able to locate the vehicle then travelling on Anderson Road and initiate a traffic stop, “wherein the [driver] slows down, speeds up, slows down again, and then drives on the shoulder for 200 metres before stopping” said Cst. H of the CPS. Blood alcohol levels were then tested and determined to exceed 1.5%, approximately 2x above 0.08 percentile threshold.

During the driver’s court appeal on November, 25th 2014; several minutes of dash camera footage was submitted by one of two of the Calgarian drivers that initially called in the drunk driver. According to the case reports the vehicle can be seen weaving in and out of its lane, and towards the end of the footage a police van can be seen pulling in behind the vehicle with its line on. This footage was used alongside blood concentration levels, police reports and 911 call transcripts to deny the appeal and conclude blood alcohol concentration readings were more than double the legal limit which contributed to unsafe and erratic patterns of driving. 

Traffic Safety Act (Re), 2014 ABTSB 336 (CanLII), <> retrieved on 2015-02-16

I had a very close call last night while driving in Northeast Calgary. Luckily My dash camera was rolling and captured just how careless this particular driver was.

The primary function of the in car camera is to capture video, goes without saying, having GPS logging though makes the evidence collected all the more worthwhile.

Knowing you have video of an event is great but having the exact time, location recorded, and speed takes the worry out of having to remember to collect these details yourself, you can also embed your own information if you choose such as your name or vehicle details. It is also possible to have these details logged but not embedded into the video.

The included Windows playback software gives a comprehensive overview of the circumstances that correspond to your videos, time and date, location and detailed map information relating to the journey, direction of travel, speed and 3 axis G-Sensor information are all logged.

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