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CDC Canada is driven by our customers' satisfaction. We have built a concrete customer experience from pre-sales support to post-sales technical support. Every factor is important to us.

Customer 100%

Quality 100%

Design 100%

Our product lineup is an end result of our own research and trial endeavors to ensure precision quality and design right from the bay of our manufactures. Our quality standards allow our team to focus on what matters most:

 The Customer Experience.

  Company, Quality, Design

Calgary Dash Camera is a specialized distributor of dash cameras and their accessories. Founded in May 2013 under Calgary Dash Camera, we have decided to appeal to our neighbouring cities and provinces with the CDC Canada logo transition late 2014.  Our products appeal to both the average and commercial consumer with our low prices, excellent customer service, and quality-grade third party reviews. We work hands-on and actively research with and for manufactures in their own countries to bring forward the latest innovations to our markets.

Verifying quality and design overseas benefits our customers on many different levels. The biggest impact is the general confidence of taking away a product that is going to meet its lifespan and serve its benefits. In the rare case the product malfunctions you have our direct line, and accountability can be placed on our company here in Canada. 

  Driving Our Company Forward

Here atCalgary Dash Camera, we like to look ahead and beyond. Just like a responsible driver, they must be actively aware. Attuning all of their attention to what is directly in front of them can be hazardous. As a responsible company, we must understand that uncertainty is always a factor and anything could happen at any time.

We take preventative measures such as looking beyond, adjusting our speed to market conditions, understand and applying the rules given to us, and most importantly steering our company in new directions to avoid obstacles.

  Online Operation

Our most frequently asked question is if we have a ‘brick-and-mortar’ location. The question is so popular we have decided to include this in our About Page.  The simple answer is no. We do have a location where our product is stocked, but our front-end business is strictly an online operated business. CDC Canada will remain as an online business to continue sales to our customers without the additional fees related to paying our utility bills. The way we see it is you already pay for your utilities; you don’t need to pay ours.

Technically our store is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 12 months a year. This effectively illuminates the inconvenience of store hours, and works around any schedule and/or time zone. 

Free memory card with every Dash Camera

True one stop shopping - We offer a complete Dash Camera package with every order!

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Authorized Dash Cam Distributor

CDC Canada - Calgary Dash Camera is a Canada's best verifiable authorized distributor of BULLETHD DOD Tech, Lukas, & Street Guardian.


Footer Free Memory Cards (old- pre P28)

We believe in providing our customers with everything they need to get their car cam up and running at no extra cost! That means that every dash camera† comes with at least a 8GB memory card.

† Exlcuding DOD Tech cameras.